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This Winter

There is a sweet melancholy to this song. Joanie’s voice is warm, melodic and lush. It feels like the beginning of the season without the fantasy of childhood. The instrumentation is perfect for this lovely moody tune and Fareed Haque's production hears it all.” Andy Cahill, Host of The Andy Cahill Show, WIOX 91.3 fm, "A lovely and evocative winter song that combines the

melancholy underpinning of music with the uplifting thoughts of Christmas. Music that makes you feel and words that make you think...a song that makes you feel a thought. Emotionally satisfying." Stephen Cole Award Winning Musical Theatre Writer.

THIS WINTER is a heartfelt Christmas Gift for the Year 2020 and beyond from Joanie Pallatto and Southport Records! THIS WINTER is one of fourteen original tracks from JOANIE PALLATTO's Spring 2021 release MY ORIGINAL PLAN on Southport Records, produced by Fareed Haque. THIS WINTER - A Music Video by vocalist Joanie Pallatto featuring guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque. Joanie Pallatto: Voice Fareed Haque: Guitar by Luciano Lovadina John Devlin: Accordion Luiz Ewerling: Cymbals Composition by Joanie Pallatto Interlude by Fareed Haque Arrangement by Pallatto & Haque A Southport Film Directed by b. p. Sparrow and Joanie Pallatto "This Winter" © 2020 SOUTHPORT RECORDS /SSD Pub Co. ASCAP "This Winter" was recorded at Sparrow Sound Design Recording Studio, Chicago, IL. Joanie Pallatto sings on the Neumann M49 tube microphone. Fareed Haque plays a Luciano Lovadina guitar, and Interlude steel guitar solo. Engineered by Todd A. Carter. ~ • ~ NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL RADIO CAMPAIGN PROMOTER KATE SMITH PROMOTIONS 814-482-0010 773-706-3293 ~ • ~ MEDIA PROMOTIONS RALPH LAMPKIN, JR. - LMG / Lampkin Music Group 574-310-4047

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