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Joanie Pallatto News

Here's our first video directed by Chris Parker:
Joanie Pallatto "This Winter" LIVE at Venus Cabaret Theater

Dill Costa and Joanie Pallatto - Photo by Chris Parker

“Joanie Pallatto’s “My Original Plan” at Venus Cabaret Theater was savvy cabaret - she fully embodied her original songs with her fine voice and dynamic spirit, drawing the crowd to full enjoyment of the show of her family-like music-and-dance troupe. A memorable evening!”
-Howard Mandel, journalist, author and jazz critic



Actor-Singer Bill Nolte, Pianist-Composer Sparrow, Dancer-Actress Dill Costa, Singer-Songwriter Joanie Pallatto, Guitarist-Arranger Fareed Haque (photo: Bill Nolte)



Dill Costa and Joanie Pallatto pose for Sparrow's "El Beso" (photo: Chris Parker)



Sparrow sings "Jazz Reggae" (photo: Chris Parker)



Bill Nolte, Dill Costa, Fareed Haque "The Last Circus in Town" (photo: Chris Parker)


Fareed Haque (Photo: Chris Parker)



Joanie Pallatto and Red Shoes! (photo: Chris Parker)




Many Thanks to Honey West, Cabaret Director at Venus Cabaret Theater for this wonderful opportunity to present our show! The entire staff at Mercury Theater Chicago was warm and welcoming!

Joanie Pallatto's My Original Plan at Venus Cabaret Theater, December 5th, 2021


Venus Cabaret Theater Audience (photo: Bill Nolte)


Joanie Pallatto
My Original Plan
Venus Cabaret Theater

Sunday, December 5, 2021
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
One Show Only with Intermission
Tickets: $20
$5 Discount for Seniors! At checkout, use the Code: SENIOR
Direct Ticket Link:

Mercury Theater Chicago
3745 North Southport Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60613

Direct from her critically acclaimed appearance at New York's "Pangea," singer-songwriter, Joanie Pallatto, returns to her home town to continue the "My Original Plan" celebration. Featuring co-producer/arranger and modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque, pianist-composer Sparrow; with special guests Brazilian Dancer Dill Costa and Broadway mainstay, actor-singer Bill Nolte, the show is an acoustic tour - de - force variety hour of song and dance.

Joanie Pallatto's songs are like a modern radio, which create musical visions of various genres for the audiences to relish in...

Described by Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune as having “a stirring and special voice,” singer/songwriter Joanie Pallatto has a history of 42 years as one of Chicago's leading studio voices, an independent artist with 14 albums as a leader/co-leader, and the Southport Records co-chair, along with her husband and partner Bradley Parker-Sparrow responsible for 100's of recordings of otherwise little-documented local musical artists.

What the Critics are Saying:

"THE SHOW IS A HIT... Chicago actress Joanie Pallatto a hit in New York"
~ Thomas J. O’Gorman | Skyline, October 20, 2021

"The veteran jazz singer-songwriter teams with guitarist Fareed Haque for a seamless set of original tunes that cover a dizzying stylistic range, from samba and swing to pop and torch."
~ Top 5... Robert Rodi, New City, Chicago

"...witness the Martha Graham of jazz reinventing the genre. It was one of the most exciting, odd, life-affirming, and eye-catching shows ever, indeed, it was exactly what cabaret should be."
~ Stephen Mosher, BroadwayWorld, NY

"Joanie Pallatto Brought a Tasty Slice of Chicago to the Big Apple. She lives her writing; they are a part of her fabric. It’s an artistic serving that deserves a return from the Windy City. New York awaits."
~ Marilyn Lester, NiteLife Exchange, NY

"with an infectious, downright girlish enthusiasm that’s especially admirable in someone who was raised in “the biz” (her mother was a cabaret singer and dancer, her father a fiddler) and has been immersed in it in her own right since the late 70s. Her voice is light without being ethereal, her phrasing inventive but not radical–she’s a versatile, intelligent, girl-next-door sort of jazz singer."
~ Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

"It’s a rare thing these days to be able to locate and actually take time out to listen to an album of this depth and grace. Reconciling essential, long-standing attributes of Twentieth Century pop and jazz, Joanie Pallatto charms her music into the future with My Original Plan."
~ ***** Robert Silverstein, Roots Music Report


singer/songwriter Joanie Pallatto






Brazilian Dancer Dill Costa











pianist/composer Bradley Parker-Sparrow












actor/singer Bill Nolte









modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque























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Digital poster design by Martin Hevia / all photos by Chris Parker / photo of Dill Costa courtesy of Dill Costa / photo of Bill Nolte by Bill Nolte / Joanie Pallatto My Original Plan CD Graphic Design: Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design


Mercury Theater Chicago will be requiring audience members to provide proof of vaccination and present a government-issued photo ID. For children under 12 and people with a medical condition or closely held religious belief that prevents vaccination, guests may provide proof of a COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of the performance start time, or a negative COVID-19 antigen test taken within 6 hours of the performance start time. All patrons will have to wear a mask throughout the performance and during their time at our venue when not actively eating or drinking in the lobby or in The Venus Cabaret Theater.



For more information, visit Southport Records:






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BWW Review: Joanie Pallatto MY ORIGINAL PLAN UNPLUGGED at Pangea Is Essential Cabaret Viewing

Celebrating the release of her new all-original-music album, Joanie Pallatto checks every cabaret box.


by Stephen Mosher Oct. 3, 2021 - BroadwayWorld Cabaret Review












photo: Chris Parker


Mere blocks away from Pangea, where we were headed for the Joanie Pallatto show, my husband and I passed a man strutting up 2nd avenue. He wore pointy-toed black snakeskin boots, black silver-studded slacks that served as a second skin, an ochre-colored shirt that was open-down-to-there, exposing his creamy caramel-colored muscles, sunglasses big enough to shut out the imaginary spotlight into which he was pummeling but light enough to allow his guyliner to show through the lens, and a black hat with a brim so wide as to render Rose DeWitt Bukater jealous. His shoulders were back, his chin was high, and he was singing along with the music in his AirPods; he was living his best life. As he passed, Pat turned to me and said, "I'm so happy I was here to see that." For twenty-eight years (on that very day, October 1st) we have lived in New York City, and each time that we see something amazing, wonderful, fantastic, and fabulous one of us says to the other, "I'm so happy I was here to see that."

Ninety minutes later, exiting Pangea after seeing "My Original Plan", Pat said to me, once again, "I'm so happy I was here to see that."

My Original Plan is the name of Joanie Pallatto's new album of original music, and though the album is worth picking up and listening to, the experience of seeing Joanie Pallatto live is one unparalleled because what the Lady presented on Friday night was one of the most interesting and rewarding nights I've ever spent in a cabaret room; indeed, looking at the notes I scribbled while not daring to take my eyes from the stage, I discovered the sentence "THIS is cabaret." Performing alongside the extraordinary guitarist Fareed Haque, Joanie Pallatto was a mass of contradiction on the Pangea stage, intensely dramatic in her storytelling, yet always down-to-earth and relatable. Like a flamboyant yet introspective beat performer from days gone by, Ms. Pallatto often appeared to go some otherworldly place during the musical numbers... unless the storytelling was better served by her staying with the audience, working with the intimacy of the cozy room, stepping off the stage to reach her hand into the hands of various people at the tables in front of her. A true artist and Mistress of the Medium, Ms. Pallatto requires no consideration of what her next move will be on the stage: she knows it, instinctively, embodying perfectly that all-important balance between authenticity and entertainment. Each time that Joanie took a few minutes to talk to the crowd, she appeared unscripted, extemporaneous, yet absolutely economic with her words and always one hundred percent in the moment - relaxed, at ease, and at home on the stage, an interpreter in the living room.

And the songs she has been sent to interpret... audible sigh.

Some of the songs on MY ORIGINAL PLAN were penned by Pallatto herself (like the visceral-as-a-low-moan "Apart", which details her reaction to the pandemic and quarantine), while others were created in collaboration with pianist-composer-husband Sparrow (like "Joyce and Roy", which presents, in ways weird and wonderful, a very interesting relationship between a devoted duo) and every composition is an over-the-top artistic creation. They're not over the top in that overreacting to an unhappy situation meltdown kind of way; these compositions (and Joanie's performances) are over the top in that way that makes you sit in the audience of the club asking yourself what rooms inside of her did Joanie have to open and enter to uncover, to create, to inhabit such depth of discovery? With lyrics that thoroughly capture the essence of beat poetry, yet music that rides on top of Fareed's guitar playing like an impossible-to-follow modern jazz melody line, songs like "Do Butterflies Cry?" become philosophy in a cabaret room, only enhanced by the inclusion of dancer Tania Daley, who, thrice, joined Joanie and Fareed on a stage the size of a postage stamp to bring to life a visual interpretation of the tale Pallatto was telling. Add in emotional spoken performances by actor Bill Nolte and unbelievable music at the hands of pianist Sparrow, and the nearly-full house at Pangea was swimming in a show simultaneously reminiscent and modern, almost as though a time machine was allowing us to witness the Martha Graham of jazz reinventing the genre in order to give her listeners an experience so new, so unique, so steeped in the ability that artists have to inform, to stimulate, to lead to a higher plane in the field of performing arts as to electrify every fiber of their physical being. It was one of the most exciting, odd, life-affirming, and eye-catching shows ever, indeed, it was exactly what cabaret should be.

I'm so happy I was there to see it.

Joanie Pallatto gets a five out of five microphones rating for performing her entire show without the use of a lyric sheet, tablet, or music stand.












photo: Maryann Lopinto









photo: Chris Parker




photo: Chris Parker


photo: Chris Parker


Photos by Stephen Mosher (at

Joanie Pallatto MY ORIGINAL PLAN can be found on Amazon, Pandora, YouTube Music and iHeart Radio

Joanie Pallatto MY ORIGINAL PLAN CD RELEASE PARTY was a one-off but other great shows can be found at the Pangea website

Read about Joanie Pallatto online

Read about Bradley Parker-Sparrow

Visit the Fareed Haque website

Visit the Tania Daley website

Visit the Bill Nolte website


Joanie Pallatto MY ORIGINAL PLAN can be found on Amazon, Pandora, YouTube Music and iHeart Radio

“My Original Plan Unplugged” with Joanie Pallatto Brought a Tasty Slice of Chicago to the Big Apple

October 11, 2021 NiteLife Exchange Cabaret Reviews
By Marilyn Lester***

A fresh breeze from the Windy City blew gracefully into Pangea with singer-songwriter Joannie Pallatto and company. The singer was celebrating her latest CD in My Original Plan Unplugged with guitarist Fareed Haque and pianist-composer Bradley Parker-Sparrow, with special guests dancer Tânia Daley (who made interpretive dance appearances from time to time in the show), and actor-vocalist Bill Nolte. In truth, the set list did reach back into other classic Pallatto works in addition to compositions featured in her new CD My Original Plan (Southport Records), but that made the evening all the richer. In their collective work, Pallatto’s troupe added a mighty tasty slice of Chicago to the Big Apple.

Although the set included two numbers with accompaniment by Sparrow, the singer’s collaborator and husband, the bulk of it was by guitar virtuoso Haque, whose artistry complemented Pallatto’s harmonically and empathically. The richness of the former’s guitar blended in a most pleasing way with the timbre of the latter’s smooth alto. The result, apparent from the opener, “Apart” (Pallatto, music and lyrics) was also a revelation in Pallatto’s capacity as a lyric writer. With other numbers, such as “Do Butterflies Cry?” (Pallatto music and lyrics; Sparrow, lyrics) it was easy to understand she lives her writing; they are a part of her fabric. As the set progressed, it became even more apparent that her ability setting a story is akin to other philosopher-poet lyricists of song. Joni Mitchell comes to mind, as does Susan Vega, Leonard Cohen and others who have the capacity to deepen words with meaning. Her manner, generally upbeat and cheerful, appropriately morphs to match the intention of her lyric—the hallmark of a great storyteller.

A little after the halfway mark of the set, Haque played a solo medley of two original numbers, “Manresa” and “Elvizan,” showing the full range of his talent. Haque is a Chicago native, born of a Pakistani father and Chilean mother whose frequent world travels included their son. The guitarist’s ethos is steeped in these traditions, informed by training in classical guitar and subsequent experience in the pop and jazz worlds. His “Manresa” was a revelation, bearing hints of the artistry of the Spanish classical guitar legend, Andrés Segovia (1893-1987).

Accomplished and personable actor Bill Nolte has been a friend of Pallatto’s since their university days together. During the evening he acted as congenial emcee and participated in a few numbers, including the witty “The Confessional” (Pallatto music and lyrics) in which he played “The Priest.” The title song of album and show, “My Original Plan” (Pallatto music and lyrics) was a melodic, toe-tapping penultimate joy to the rousing finale with all cast members, “Blue Bossa” (Kenny Dorham, music; Pallatto, lyrics). Pallatto et. al. in My Original Plan Unplugged served up a generous slice or two of prime Chicago talent for Apple audiences. It’s an artistic serving that deserves a return from the Windy City. New York awaits.

Photo by Maryann Lopinto




From Southport Records: Joanie Pallatto News and Reviews!




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*BroadwayWorld Cabaret - Review by Stephen Mosher


*NiteLife Exchange “My Original Plan Unplugged” with Joanie Pallatto Brought a Tasty Slice of Chicago to the Big Apple - Cabaret Review by Marilyn Lester


*The New York City Jazz Record October Issue - Review by Alex Henderson


*NiteLife Exchange Chicago-Based Singer-Songwriter Joanie Pallatto Answers Six Questions - Thank you Scott Barbarino and Marilyn Lester!


*Album Review and Artist Interview - by Robert Steven Silverstein


*International Broadcast Media Presents "Radio Show With Marc Lee" 9/27/2021



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From Southport Records: Joanie Pallatto NEWS!
Pangea Live Show, Green Mill Video and New Reviews!













~ • ~ Save the Date! Get TIX for Pangea, New York City Friday, October 1st at 7PM


~ • ~ New youtube video: Joanie Pallatto-Fareed Haque-Tânia Daley LIVE at the Green Mill-"My Original Plan"


~ • ~ Robert Silverstein 5 Star Review for Roots Music Report:


~ • ~ David Witter Review for September Fra Noi Magazine (see below)

~ • ~ Plus Many Thanks!




~ • ~ Detail: Save The Date! Pangea, New York City Friday, October 1st at 7PM

Lampkin Music Group and Southport Records Present Joanie Pallatto's My Original Plan CD Release Party

Cover: $20 (cash at door) $20 food/drink minimum "My Original Plan Unplugged" - One Show Only Pangea 178 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003 212-995-0900

Award-Winning Singer and Songwriter Joanie Pallatto with modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque on acoustic guitar and pianist-composer Sparrow, plus Special Guests: Bill Nolte, Master of Ceremonies and "The Priest" and Samba Queen Tânia Daley

What the Critics are Saying: “compilation of excellent musicianship and smart lyrics….it’s a mellow compendium.” - Marilyn Lester, Journalist, NY / “Joanie Pallatto is a Female Powerhouse” - Adam Rothenberg/Call Me Adam, NY















Roots Music Report 5 Star Album Review of Joanie Pallatto My Original Plan, Written by Robert Silverstein - September 6, 2021

With her mix of upbeat retro-pop, tin-pan alley and theatrical cabaret sounds, Chicago-based singer-songwriter Joanie Pallatto arrives right on time with her 2021 album entitled My Original Plan. After a year and a half filled with plans and lives turned upside down and inside out, Joanie Pallatto comes across like the sonic angel of forgiveness. Sounding like a return to a kinder, gentler time, the 62 minute, 14-track My Original Plan sounds quite inspired by the cool joyful grooves of the mid 1960s, during a time when American pop icons like Nancy Sinatra and Joni Mitchell through to Simon & Garfunkel ruled the airwaves and the folk and jazz clubs. Evoking an array of captivating singer-songwriter imagery, Joanie Pallatto’s music is the real deal. For example, the first track “Open Your Eyes” is a jazz-inflected pop gem, reminding the listeners to focus on good deeds while living in a positive frame of mind, often times, before it’s too late. These days just the thought of truly living in the here and now may be a challenge but Joanie’s album makes it easy and fun too.

Key to Joanie’s jazzy mystery tour on My Original Plan is guitar icon Fareed Haque, the acclaimed World jazz-fusion fretboard ace introduced by music mogul Miles Copeland and Sting way back in the mid 1990’s when the dynamic duo impressed music lovers with their now defunct, yet then essential, Pangaea Records label. Serving here too as album co-producer, Fareed’s guitar magic pairs naturally with Joanie’s jazzy pop approach, making My Original Plan a pick to click for music fans worldwide. Best known for his jazzy nylon string guitar approach, Fareed plays a range of guitars, including electric and adds loads of fretboard pizzazz to nearly every track here. Backing that up, the attractively illustrated CD booklet features liner notes by Joanie, Fareed and Joanie’s partner at Southport Records, Bradley Parker-Sparrow.

A good example where Joanie’s jazzy pop groove meets her 1960s retro pop-centric musical vision can be readily heard on track 2, “Do Butterflies Cry?”, a track where Fareed’s mix of steel string, electric guitars and keyboards drives Joanie’s music and vocals to even higher heights. Also significant to that track are the song lyrics, co-composed here by Sparrow. A highlight of My Original Plan is “The Confessional”. Ostensibly about trusting in the rigors of religious dogma in light of a world steeped in war and injustice, “The Confessional” sounds influenced by the best folk-rock singers of the 1960s and early ‘70s such as Harry Chapin and Phil Ochs. Conjuring images of both Ochs and Chapin, “The Confessional” just oozes with crucial lyrics, catchy melodic cadences and expert musicianship. Slipping in and out of Joanie’s song lyrics and vocals, Fareed adds in some dramatic tympani. It’s also worth mentioning the expert musicianship of John Devlin (6-string electric bass), Luiz Ewerling (drums) and Bradley Parker-Sparrow (piano). Also playing on a couple of tracks is harmonica wiz Howard Levy who adds in harmonica and piano. A good example of Joanie and Howard digging each other can be heard on a tons ‘o fun track here called “Jon’s Place” as well as the buoyant CD-closing number “Lucky To Belong To You.”

Some of the tracks on My Original Plan are more jazz than pop, as you can hear on “About A Song” and on the lyric-less track “Rest” – a relaxing guitar / piano interlude, composed by Sparrow, that features Joanie’s voice backed up by both Fareed and Sparrow. Like so many of us, Joanie was a teeny bopper way back in the mid 1960s and her lyrics on “Almost 65” look back on the celebrated contributions of the Beatles and Stones and, with allusions to the Vietnam War, this memorable track is a fun-filled, misty-eyed tribute to the 1960s. The exotic flair of “Almost 65” is further enhanced by Fareed’s playing of the ‘Guistar’, with its sitar-like twang. Fareed’s guitars gives Joanie room to soar on a catchy little track here called “A Simple Time” - a song that sounds like a cross between Maria Muldaur and Joni Mitchell. Bringing the album into the present, the CD-closer “Lucky To Belong To You” ends the album on yet another upbeat note, fueled by native New Yorker Howard Levy’s irrepressible, jazzy harmonica vibes. It’s a rare thing these days to be able to locate and actually take time out to listen to an album of this depth and grace. Reconciling essential, long-standing attributes of Twentieth Century pop and jazz, Joanie Pallatto charms her music into the future with My Original Plan.
























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~ • ~ Many thanks along the way... to Kate Smith Promotions












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Joanie Pallatto-Fareed Haque Sneak Peek New Songs!









Order Audio CD, MP3 or Unlimited Streaming on Amazon:

Joanie Pallatto 'My Original Plan' is available on all online platforms!


Joanie Pallatto NEWS!

~ Joanie Pallatto CD Release Party October 1st @Pangea, New York
~ Joanie Pallatto Cabaret Scenes Review by Jerry Osterberg





















Lampkin Music Group and Southport Records Present:
Joanie Pallatto's "My Original Plan" CD Party
Friday, October 1, 2021
7:00 PM $20 Cover / $20 Food or Drink
Pangea 178 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003 212-995-0900

Joanie Pallatto & Fareed Haque with Sparrow

Singer and Songwriter Joanie Pallatto, Modern Guitar Virtuoso Fareed Haque, Pianist-Composer Sparrow and Special Guest Dancer Tânia Daley with Broadway’s Bill Nolte as “The Priest"

My Original Plan “Unplugged”
Joanie Pallatto and Fareed Haque continue to create NEW arrangements of their recordings and NEW songs!

"The visual and audial Sparrow-Pallatto experience is reminiscent of the beats of the 1950s. With a little imagination one could be transported back to the coffee house days of Greenwich Village when Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac reigned supreme ...a kind of jazz-folk recitative – the music melodic and the lyric direct and often wry." - Marilyn Lester, NiteLife Exchange



My Original Plan: Joanie Pallatto Featuring Fareed Haque (Southport Records)
July 25, 2021 Reviewed by Jerry Osterberg for Cabaret Scenes Magazine

Having toured with the Glenn Miller Orchestra in the 1970s, singer/songwriter Joanie Pallatto made her debut album in 1986. The latest, My Original Plan, features the renowned jazz and classical guitarist Fareed Haque. This is the second of her 15 records to spotlight only her original songs. Born to parents who were professional musicians, there’s ample evidence that Pallatto was a prodigy. Beginning her musical journey at the age of four, she soon mastered a number of instruments, and her taste in music gradually grew to include everything from Bacharach and Rodgers to Chick Corea and Miles Davis.

The current collection reflects Pallatto’s diversity and demonstrates her solid confidence in what she does. It seems to be a biographical retrospective of her life as told through her music, starting with the title song “My Original Plan.” Here she decides to make a timely analysis of what’s been accomplished before “it’s too late,” admitting that she wanted to “do everything” and “go everywhere.” Essentially, the lyrics suggest that the narrator has not been disappointed and has arrived in a good space.

“Open Your Eyes,” the first of the 14 songs, evokes an exotic Latin charm that underscores a sincere invitation not only to open ones’ eyes, but to “open your heart.” There’s a warmth in this song that is evident in the others, which makes it not only easy to listen to, but brings a strong connection to the singer. “The Photograph” evokes a favorite memory that is from so long ago that it may or may not be true, but is still vivid enough nonetheless to provoke an intense feeling to stay, when a “million things will make me run away.”

Those who find themselves unable to ignore the unavoidable markers of age will know precisely what “Almost 65” is about. The protagonist admits that “as the days were passing by, life ahead is beginning to unwind.” Coincidentally, the year 1965 was an important landmark for the narrator; it was the time of the “British Invasion,” when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, “changed my life.”

The final song, “Lucky to Belong to You,” is the most personal of all. It is nothing less than an homage to Pallatto’s mother Charlotte, who lived to the age of 97 and who showed her “how to live each day with happiness.” This could well be a loving anthem for every adult child who truly appreciates why they are who they are and gives credit for the joy: “I’ll find a way to do the very best for you.”

Finally, beginning with Fareed Haque on guitar, credit must be given to an extraordinary band of musicians: John Devlin (six-string electric bass), Luiz Ewerling (drums), Juan Pastor (bongos), Kurt Schweitz (acoustic bass), Howard Levy (piano and harmonica), Bobby Lewis (trumpet), Bradley Parker-Sparrow (piano), Bill Nolte (vocal), and Steve Eisen (flute).




Sunday, July 18, 2021 at the Green Mill, Chicago

“Back Live with Life Long Friends at the Greatest Jazz Club in the Universe”

Joanie Pallatto Record Release Concert Review

-by Jeffrey Kowalkowski: Musical Artist, Composer and Instructor at Northeastern Illinois University and DePaul School of Music

The Green Mill is filling up as I find my way into the dark room which I have missed so much during the quarantine, I gaze at Von Freeman’s larger than life image, presiding over the piano, next to the iconic female statue. My mind fills with all of the music I have performed next to that statue and I smile to myself in reverie, hazed in the green glow of the lights behind the stage. I see composer Janice Misurell-Mitchell greeting everyone as she finds a seat. Sid Kleinman, the great patron of composers is seated, also in the main section. Wonderful Wizards Trudy Leong and Bill Morton from WZRD are MCs, and live-streaming. Ahh. Back at the Green Mill! For musicians in Chicago it is a glorious evening.

I find a table to take notes, next to the Juke Box. Dave Jemilo is serving drinks, making jokes, greeting people, and setting up folding chairs for the increasing crowd, making sure everyone is seated comfortably. I am seeing a lot of friends I have not seen in over a year or more. Joanie introduces me to the legendary guitarist George Freeman and his family, who are sitting directly in front of the stage. Then, composer George Flynn and his wife Rita join me at the table, with my piano student from Korea, Hyunmin Kim and her mom, Kyong. Flynn always cracks me up and brightens my mood with his seemingly improvised and endless stream of jokes and on the spot poems. I am suddenly in a very
happy mood. Green Mill is filled to capacity, and the cameras are rolling. Engineer wunderkind Todd Carter is making the recording, along with the gifted videographer Sam Paakkonen. I think Billy Branch and his wife Rosa are here too, and many fans of Joanie.













We all have gathered for the performance of Joanie Pallatto’s “My Original Plan”; a fantastic album of songs featuring the powerful guitar of Fareed Haque, and “Sparrow the Great” playing piano on several songs, along with a few duets. The set begins with a tune that is not on “My Original Plan” but instead a song by Pallatto with lyrics from Sparrow, the composer, “Violets are Blue.” A song about “not transparent love” and “I take the melody and give it back to you.” A great opening tune. Joanie’s voice on some tunes reminds me of Joni Mitchell, or Rickie Lee-Jones, some of my favorite singers. Joanie’s voice is low and sometimes sad and then joyful one beat later, yearning lyrics about inseparable love and learning lessons of trust in a lover’s love. “I have found the meaning of forever-more.” This tune is “not a trick question”—don’t google it!

Then begins the title track tune “My Original Plan” which is a great song about finding a life-long friend before it’s too late. It is in a Brazilian style with great scat singing included. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of Joanie’s immense talent is her scat singing, she adds virtuosic riffs and ornaments that fit perfectly with the songs. The song is about original plans like being a movie star, traveling wide and far, and then realizing there is no need to roam. The crowd is doubly pleased with the music, and the exquisite dance stylings of Tânia Daley who twirls around the small dance floor in perfect sync with the music, in complete sparkly costume attire. This segues into “Do Butterflies Cry?” Do Butterflies dance, or cry, or sleep? The song is choreographed, and when Joanie sings the lines you “flutter and tease me with romance, and gently kiss my right hand”, the singer and dancer are motioning gracefully with the rhythms.














Joanie’s life-long friend Fareed Haque then plays something that sounds like a mix of Flamenco and a Bach Sonata, and sometimes The Who, or Michael Hedges, or Pat Metheny, or maybe The Edge from U2, all on Acoustic Guitar! “Manresa/Elvizan medly” — a composition by Fareed Haque.

“Dreams” by Sparrow is about finding a lost notebook on a park bench, someone who was perhaps musical many years ago. Perhaps the notebook contained the beginnings of an abandoned opera? “A little book with pages and words, a personal mixture of their nouns and verbs.” It is a song about dreams left behind, beyond both time and age. “Give back the dreams that fate took.” On this song, Sparrow plays inside the piano to great effect, and Joanie scats “Chica-Chica” to the completely engaged room. The Green Mill is in near silence while the music is playing, not even a cash register ring or cell phone is heard. Sparrow’s piano sounds like Debussy or even Liszt, though none of it is written down (as far as I know). “Dreams from my mind, slight echoes in my mind. I will follow…..perhaps…..”












One of my favorite songs on the album is “The Confessional”—“Where is the Angel of Forgiveness?” This song is about Joanie’s last confession (1972), and lost children of the world. It is an epic tune with a lot of emotional changes, reminding me a little of Bohemian Rhapsody in effect, or Baudelliare’s poem “Confessions” from Le Fleur du Mal (The Flowers of Evil).

Something a little lighter closes the first set. This song is from her first album from 1986, with lyrics like “Our harmony was lost, on key constantly” leading into the Benny Golson standard “Whisper Not” with Haque playing a solo reminiscent of Joe Pass with very intricate rhythms, plucking as many notes within the quarter as possible, and Pallatto scatting cadenzas. “Love will linger on eternally!” Here we are at the “Finest Jazz Club in the Universe” Sparrow announces. We are encouraged to search souls and find humanity.

Set 2 begins with a solo from Sparrow sounding like George Flynn, if Flynn played blues or jazz. Joanie and Fareed continue with “You Think You Know.” “Has anxiety taken it’s toll?” “Are we blind to what we ignore?” This is Joanie's song about the end of pandemic. What we all long for.

We are then treated to a Sparrow song, “The Blank Page” played by Joanie and Fareed. His lyrics always kill me, stuff about powdered donuts, wanting something better for the brain, and wanting 10 cents back from a bottle. “Won’t you tell me all about nothing?” “Leaky Etch-A-Sketch.”



“About A Song” shows the immense stylistic range of Joanie, on this tune she sounds like Barbra Streisand melding with Karen Carpenter. Jemilo offers an extra 15 minutes overtime (as he is often generous to musicians in performances as stellar as this.) The dancer returns feverishly in Sparrow's “The Thin Line” with lyrics “I can hardly breathe” “I can barely move” with Sparrow stabbing syncopated and sforzando minor 9th chords, and Joanie throwing in a perfect white key gliss at the end.

The tune “Rara” by Frantz Casseus features Fareed sounding like Michael Hedges or Steve Howe! Haitian Guitar music, rhythms called “rah-rah.” Harkening back to the 1950s and Harry Belafonte. Voodoo Rhythms! This mash up leads to “Apart” which Joanie wrote on an index card at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. “Make a vow, so you'll understand the reason if you dare.” “Make a plan as you close your eyes and wonder what is fair.” Joanie is reading the mind of the audience, friends who can lend an ear and listen. “I love you, and I care.”

The show ends with a return of “Samba Queen” Tânia Daley on Kenny Dorham’s “Blue Bossa,” the standard, with new lyrics by Joanie. There is a dreamy Salsa dance duet between Joanie and Tânia, and the crowd is thrilled.

Great performances make me cry and laugh, sometimes simultaneously. Joanie and ensemble inspire me as a composer to be daring and eclectic. Like life. Open your eyes, and ears!


Save The Date!

Friday, October 1, 2021 Joanie Pallatto “My Original Plan” CD Release Party at Pangea!

7:00 PM $20 Cover / $20 Food or Drink

Pangea 178 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003 212-995-0900


Singer and Songwriter Joanie Pallatto, Modern Guitar Virtuoso Fareed Haque, Pianist-Composer Sparrow and Special Guest Dancer Tânia Daley with Broadway’s Bill Nolte as “The Priest"

"The visual and audial Sparrow-Pallatto experience is reminiscent of the beats of the 1950s. With a little imagination one could be transported back to the coffee house days of Greenwich Village when Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac reigned supreme ...a kind of jazz-folk recitative – the music melodic and the lyric direct and often wry." - Marilyn Lester, NiteLife Exchange












Thank you to the photographers who lovingly captured the Green Mill event, including Ralph Lampkin, Lynn Orman-Weiss and Craig Brandt...


Southport Records


Jazzy Pop!


Listen to all fourteen songs on HearNow!

Order Audio CD, MP3 or Unlimited Streaming on Amazon:

Joanie Pallatto 'My Original Plan' is available on all online platforms!


Order Direct from Southport Records!











Newcity May 2021 Music Top 5!
Robert Rodi does it again with his concise and compelling reviews!
Joanie Pallatto
“My Original Plan”
The veteran jazz singer-songwriter teams with guitarist
Fareed Haque for a seamless set of original tunes that cover a dizzying stylistic range, from samba and swing to pop and torch.


Joanie Pallatto
“My Original Plan” featuring
Fareed Haque
makes the new radar list on Spotify.!



Joanie Pallatto 'My Original Plan' Local, National and International Airplay!
Radio Add Date: 4/16/211 - It's Only the Beginning!

Thanks to our Chicago stations: 88.3FM WZRD Sunday Morning Wizard with Bill Morton & Trudy Leong—A Radio CD Release Party!; WDCB College of DuPage 90.9FM; After Hours with Rick Kogan on WGN 720AM; Marsha Noble 'The Jazz Pacemaker' WWMV 95.5FM; WRRG 88.9FM 'The Jazz Arena' with Tom Macek; WNUR 89.3FM with Lynn Orman Weiss...

Airplay from Mary Foster Conklin "A Broad Spectrum" and Russ Kassoff "The Jazz Deli" on WFDU 89.1FM; The Andy Cahill Show WIOX 91.3FM; W E S S 90.3 FM 'My Original Plan' Complete Jazz Album Feature! by host Steve Krawitz; KUVO 89.3FM—Jazz with Janine Santana; KCSM 91FM with MD Jesse Chuy Varela; Voices of Jazz with Rusty Rush KAMU 90.9FM; The Jazz Lounge with Grace Black 21st April 2021 @PureBeatRadio on MixCloud —"The wonderful Joanie Pallatto, great stuff!"...

Jack Frieden "The Vocal Sound of Jazz" WHRV 89.5FM:





David Kenney "Everything Old Is New Again" on WBAI 99.5 FM—with a Visual Playlist:












Carlos Fernandez Pacin and Jazz Cafe FM from Saavedra, Buenos Aires, Argentina — Blog de Jazz: JOANIE PALLATTO - "MY ORIGINAL PLAN" (2021)


Ricardo Culque, Radio Planicie 91.5 FM Peru - "Joanie Pallatto, is one of the singers who gives the elegant sound to our "Rumba & Son." Enjoy it. Hugs for all!


Interviews and promotional press—Many Thanks to:

Randy Morse — The Best of Brazil / "Beyond Brazil" and "What's New"
"Thanks for the great music! You have an extraordinary gift."

Dawn Burns "The Sauce" WVPE 88.1fm — 4/12/21
"About A Song is a beautiful tune... I think your album is wonderful!"


— April 11th, 20211
Interview with Joanie Pallatto and Songs from My Original Plan

"The wonderful Joanie Pallatto releases a new CD of original material! Wonderful players, songs, performances...a don't miss!"
Sundays 10-11:45AM at

The Jim Masters Show Live! — April 9, 2021
Joanie Pallatto's Extensive, Exclusive interview with host Jim Masters

Neon Jazz — April 2, 2021
Joe Dimino, Creator & Host
A Neon Jazz Interview with Chicago-based Veteran Jazz Singer and Composer Joanie Pallatto

The New York City Jazz Record—April Issue (Jazz Appreciation Month)
Review by Suzanne Lorge, VoxNews
Ohio-born, Chicago-based Joanie Pallatto—formerly with the Glenn Miller Orchestra—also turns a smart phrase, both vocally and lyrically. She wrote music and/or lyrics to all but one of the 14 cuts on My Original Plan (Southport), demonstrating equal dexterity in jazz and pop idioms. To hear her smooth scatting, listen to the title track, a Latinfeel exposition on the value of accepting change. The new album hits online stores Apr. 16th.



download of issue:


All About Jazz Take Five with Joanie Pallatto
by AAJ Staff and Michael Ricci, Publisher


You can read the article here::









Call Me Adam 

Adam Rothenberg "Joanie Pallatto is a female powerhouse!"
Call Answered: Joanie Pallatto Interview: Singer, Songwriter, My Original Plan, Southport Records


JOANIE PALLATTO/My Original Plan: Take a classic jazz thrush album. Give it a distinctly Chicago edge. Make the tunes all original to the singer. Press the play button and get out of the way. The Chicago mainstay steps up to the mic and makes the album of a life time, so subtle it could be a variation on samba but with the force of a runaway train. A just plain delicious set waiting for you to dig in.



(Southport 152) Volume 45/Number 140; March 20, 2021
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher


Jazz Institute of Chicago
March 2021 JazzGram
Joanie Pallatto Confesses and Channels on 'My Original Plan' by Corey Hall

Co-Producer and guitarist extraordinaire Fareed Haque adds his perspective on the process, and our friend and guitar legend George Freeman has the last word!
















Join the Jazz Institute and become a member to read much more!!


Joanie Pallatto musings: What was My Original Plan? Did I know I would release a CD of fourteen original Jazzy-Pop songs?
Joanie Pallatto
'My Original Plan' featuring
Fareed Haque
What a journey! A Big Shout Out and Thank You to my entire team:
co-producer and modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque with
John DevlinLuiz EwerlingHoward Levy, Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Bill Nolte, Bobby Lewis, Steve EisenKurt Schweitz and Juan Daniel Pastor
Engineering and Mixing by Carter Todd
Liner Notes by Stephen Cole
Graphic Design by Al Brandtner
Vocal producer, recording continuity and technical engineer Bradley Parker-Sparrow.

Thanks to my media/radio team of Ralph Lampkin, Jr. - Lampkin Music Group and
Kate Smith - Kate Smith Promotions along with Richard Anton and Bill Morton
(with special thanks to Trudy Leong.)

I'd also like to acknowledge the generous Santiago Covarrubias for his beautiful live shot of me that we used on the back panel of the CD.












";Joanie Pallatto is in fine voice in this collection of tunes, delivering melody and lyric steeped in mellow maturity. Backed by an A-list band, singer and musicians played in a toe-tapping groove of pop numbers with hints of rock and jazz inflections, making for happy, satisfying pleasure. Well done, Joanie Pallatto."
—Marilyn Lester, Journalistt

"Joanie, it gets to my SOUL! It's sentimental, and it makes you reminisce."
—Guitar Legend George Freeman, on the CD 'My Original Plan'

"That, Joanie Pallatto, is a great, great tune!"
—Rick Kogan, WGN Radio, on 'A Simple Time'

"Listen closely and find out how to dream and how to use those dreams... With Joanie, the personal becomes universal."

"Just listened to ‘Do Butterflies Cry’ on Spotify. So ethereal, so lovely. If a song could materialize, this one would be silk on a soft breeze. Mmmm."
—Rose Mullins, Recitalist, American Song

Described by Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune as having “a stirring and special voice,”  




Single Available Now!
Joanie Pallatto
"Do Butterflies Cry?"
featuring Fareed Haque


Listen and buy on Amazon Music:

Joanie Pallatto

Do Butterflies Cry???

featuring Fareed Haque

Produced/Arranged by Joanie and Fareed. The Official Music Video is a rhythmic journey through nature and the beautiful countryside of Costa Rica. It was filmed using an IPhone at The Spirogyra Butterfly Garden, Spirogyra Jardín de Mariposas. © 2021 A Southport Film, directed by BP Sparrow and Joanie Pallatto.

The new Single!
Listen on the Spotify page

The new Video!
Watch on YouTube:

JAZZIZ Editors' Choice Playlist!
Listen on Spotify:















JAZZIZ Editors’ Choice Playlist: Week of February 15, 2021 by BRIAN ZIMMERMAN


After Hours with Rick Kogan 2/14/21

Singer Joanie Pallatto shares new album ‘My Original Plan’

WGN Radio’s Rick Kogan starts his show off with singer Joanie Pallatto to talk

 about Valentine’s Day and her new CD, “My Original Plan.”

Rick Kogan on "A Simple Time" ~ "That, Joanie Pallatto, is a great, great tune!"



After Hours with Rick Kogan 2/14/21

Rick Kogan’s book and song of the week
Song: “Do Butterflies Cry?” by Joanie Pallatto

"Isn't that nice work, ladies and gentlemen? from Joanie Pallatto... done with such incredible prose..."

(photo: Santiago Covarrubias)

From Joanie:
As I've said, these words are all I ever need to hear... My friend, guitar legend George Freeman called last night listening again to my new CD. He told me this of "My Original Plan":
"Joanie, it gets to my SOUL! It's sentimental, and it makes you reminisce."

Joanie Pallatto - My Original Plan
Coming Soon - 4/16/2021
Featuring Fareed Haque, guitars, misc. keyboards and percussion; John Devlin, electric bass, accordion; Luiz Ewerling, drums; Sparrow, piano; Howard Levy, piano & harmonica; Bobby Lewis, trumpet; Steve Eisen, flute, Kurt Schweitz, acoustic bass, Juan Pastor, bongos, Bill Nolte, voice "The Priest"

Pre-Order My Original Plan from Amazon!


Jazzy Pop!
Singer-Songwriter Joanie Pallatto
My Original Plan
featuring modern guitar virtuoso
Fareed Haque

"Listen closely and find out how to dream and how to use those dreams... With Joanie, the personal becomes universal."
Stephen Cole, award winning songwriter and playwright

fourteen original songs, produced by Haque and Pallatto
from Southport Records




Joanie Pallatto to receive Lifetime Achievement Award!

Now that voting for the
Chicago Music Awards
has finished,
we move on to the Virtual event on February 28th, 2021.
Check out the link for additional information on the show.

Joanie Pallatto, Chicago singer-songwriter and partner/producer at Southport Records with Bradley Parker-Sparrow, has been selected by Martin's International in the 39th Annual Chicago Music Awards for a Lifetime Achievement Award for Extra-Ordinary Contributions to the Music Industry.



I was in a 1967 Tempest with black leather seats and a chrome hand rest.
The radio had big buttons and I could scroll thru WLS/WCFL/WVON AM...
The Radio, all the songs...
Joanie Pallatto's songs are like a modern radio...
- Sparrow/Partner


Special Thanks for the loving and generous support:

*Live From The Heartland Radio At Home Edition 2/13/21
A fun conversation with Joanie & Sparrow & the Heartland crew!
with Katy Hogan, Michael James and Thom Clark and Music Producer Lynn Orman-Weiss - 88.7 FM and

*The Val Leventhal Show 2/14/21
Val's Valentine's Day show with some of her favorite couples, including Joanie Pallatto & Sparrow.
Live Sunday mornings 10-11:45 am central time on Que4 Radio (, itunes and TuneIn Radio (search for que4 at air time) and am 1680.

*Marilyn's Cafe Society 2/20/21
Marilyn May in conversation with Joanie Pallatto about the CMA Awards, and Joanie's life in music.
Marilyn's Cafe Society is a weekly talk show that airs Saturdays at 12noon worldwide at













Southport Records
Available Now!
Digital Single Release:
Joanie Pallatto
"Do Butterflies Cry?"


Listen on the Spotify page:

Apple Music iTunes


Joanie Pallatto with Fareed Haque - Do Butterflies Cry?









Singer/Songwriter Joanie Pallatto featuring Fareed Haque; produced by Joanie and Fareed, "Cry" is a rhythmic journey through nature and the beautiful countryside of Costa Rica.


# # #







Photo: Paul Chen


Southport Records
Let's Celebrate Jazz History!
at the 36th Annual Chicago Music Awards - March 8, 2017

~ ~ ~

Joanie Pallatto
"Do Butterflies Cry?"
featuring Fareed Haque
~ ~ ~
Joanie Pallatto "My Original Plan"
featuring Fareed Haque

~ ~ ~

The 39th Annual Chicago Music Awards
Joanie Pallatto has been selected for a Special Lifetime Achievement Award for Extraordinary Contributions to the Music Industry from the Chicago Music Awards (CMA). In addition, Southport Records is nominated for Best Record Label of the Year.

Joanie joins international superstars, Common and #KanyeWest in being named one of three special awardees. Common will receive the special Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Humanitarian Award, and Kanye West will receive The Marcus Garvey Award for Global Contributions to Humanity.

YOUR Vote Matters!
SOUTHPORT RECORDS is nominated for the 39th Annual Chicago Music Awards.

Southport Records musicians and friends have also been nominated:

The public can now vote for their favorite entertainer in each category.
Voting ends Monday, February 15th, 2021.
The CMA Virtual Awards Show is Sunday, February 28th, 2021, 6:00 pm.
Ticket info:

~ ~ ~
Southport Records







Southport Records
February 12, 2021
Digital Single Release:
Joanie Pallatto
"Do Butterflies Cry?"


Singer/Songwriter Joanie Pallatto featuring Fareed Haque; produced by Joanie and Fareed, "Cry", is a rhythmic journey through nature and the beautiful countryside of Costa Rica.



Joanie & Fareed
"This Winter "
Joanie Pallatto
with Fareed Haque


Joanie's new song creation and youtube video,
with modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque

Southport Records












Joanie Pallatto
April 16, 2021 Release:
Joanie Pallatto
The New CD!
Southport Records
Singer-Songwriter Joanie Pallatto presents fourteen original tracks produced by Fareed Haque and Joanie Pallatto.

National/International Radio Promotions:
Kate Smith Promotions

Media Promotions: Ralph Lampkin, Jr.

Southport Records


# # #




Photo: Santiago Covarrubias



“There is a sweet melancholy to this song. Joanie’s voice is warm, melodic and lush. It feels like the beginning of the season without the fantasy of childhood.
The instrumentation is perfect for this lovely moody tune and Fareed Haque's production hears it all.”
Andy Cahill, Host of The Andy Cahill Show, WIOX 91.3 fm,

"A lovely and evocative winter song that combines the melancholy underpinning of music with the uplifting thoughts of Christmas. Music that makes you feel and words that make you think...a song that makes you feel a thought. Emotionally satisfying."
Stephen Cole Award Winning Musical Theatre Writer.



THIS WINTER is a heartfelt Christmas Gift for the Year 2020 and beyond from Joanie Pallatto and Southport Records!

THIS WINTER is one of fourteen original tracks from JOANIE PALLATTO's Spring 2021 release MY ORIGINAL PLAN on Southport Records, produced by Fareed Haque.

THIS WINTER - A Music Video by vocalist Joanie Pallatto featuring guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque.

Joanie Pallatto: Voice
Fareed Haque: Guitar by Luciano Lovadina
John Devlin: Accordion
Luiz Ewerling: Cymbals

Composition by Joanie Pallatto
Interlude by Fareed Haque
Arrangement by Pallatto & Haque

A Southport Film
Directed by b. p. Sparrow and Joanie Pallatto
"This Winter"

"This Winter" was recorded at Sparrow Sound Design Recording Studio, Chicago, IL. Joanie Pallatto sings on the Neumann M49 tube microphone. Fareed Haque plays a Luciano Lovadina guitar, and Interlude steel guitar solo. Engineered by Todd A. Carter.

~ • ~
814-482-0010 773-706-3293
~ • ~
RALPH LAMPKIN, JR. - LMG / Lampkin Music Group


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