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The Joanie Pallatto REPORT!

From Southport Records:

The Joanie Pallatto REPORT!

New LIVE Video, Reviews, Interviews and Radio!

Joanie Pallatto LIVE! "As You Spend Your Life"

with Fareed Haque, guitarist and arranger and Clare Johnson, Sign Language Singer. From Joanie Pallatto's Accidental Melody CD Release Party at the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge June 11, 2023. Video Production and Photography by Chris Parker.


Chicago Jazz Magazine by Jeff Cebulski, July 2023

“Given Joanie’s ability to exude emotional depth through her succinct and sensitive phrasing, the results are always entertaining, witty, and often cathartic… Her growing partnership with Fareed Haque has coalesced with this scintillating album, perhaps promising more to come from this always interesting artist.”


Joanie Pallatto's "Accidental Melody featuring Fareed Haque"

Around Town with Mike Jeffers:


Fra Noi by Dave Witter, June 6, 2023

“Backed by the piano of Sparrow, bass of John Christensen and percussion of Eric Hines, Pallatto continues to add to a legacy of music that, like Chicago itself, cannot be captured in a single category.”


Sound Advice/Talkin’Broadway by Rob Lester, July 2023 “Joanie Pallatto makes her material feel alternately like the intimate diary entries of an individual's experience or an earth mother's universal truths. Either way, one would be hard pressed to doubt the sincerity or sensitivity.”


From Kate Smith Promotions:

Joanie Pallatto Accidental Melody" featuring Fareed Haque

Worldwide Play and Top 50 Charting on Jazzweek, NACC and Roots Music Report!


From Holly Cooper, Mouthpiece Music:

Reviews, Interviews and Great Pull Quotes!


For our dear friend, Ralph Lampkin (April 29, 1957 – June 24, 2023):

Ralph was a true friend to us for over forty years.

He sailed past 60 minutes like it was yesterday...

- Joanie and Sparrow

Many thanks to editor Stephen Mosher for posting "In Memoriam Ralph Lampkin" by writer Marilyn Lester on

Feature: Cabaret And Concert Community Mourns Ralph Lampkin

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