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Southport / Northport Discs

Sparrow Sound Design / Southport Records

3501 North Southport Ave.

Chicago, IL  60657

Phone: 773-281-8510

Fax: 773-472-4330


Southport & Northport Records are sister independent jazz and new music labels founded in Chicago. Chicago has a varied and rich history for the ongoing creation of new music. With the decline of the "major" labels in Chicago, Southport and Northport came about as vehicles for the artists of this region to record and produce for a world market. Founded by and for musicians/engineers in 1977, Southport/Northport has over 70 projects that are in print and circulation.

We have tried to make ordering from our catalog as efficient and easy as possible. All CDs are listed under the name of the artists, and some entries will cross index if the project is a "group improvisational effort." We will ship by way of what we call "Magic" distribution to any individual or distributor in the world. What we don't want to do is to have product sit in stores or as in the past with independent labels, not get paid.

The catalog list also contains all of the UPC/BAR CODE Numbers to keep the computers happy, and release dates for all CDs.

We live in a world VERY full of information, and that is a beautiful thing. Musicians and artists that create musical CDs feel that they are from the heart and every bit as rare as a hand numbered lithograph. So remember that all of these CDs are rare and special and that they convey the dreams of the artist to the audience. Be it one person in Costa Rica, or a giant store in Gary, Indiana... we appreciate your support and will continue to record and create.

Partner, Southport/Northport Records
"Magic" Distribution, "the no return solution"


Price: $16.00 US (single CD)

Contact us for additional prices and services.


Other Ordering Options

Order online at

North Country Distributors/Cadence

315-287-2852 (voice)


Emphasis Entertainment Group Inc.

phone: 630-355-5762

fax: 847-647-7396

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