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ACCIDENTAL MELODY will be released on May 19, 2023 on Southport Records and will be available everywhere.

Pre-Order on Amazon!

Listen to samples of Joanie Pallatto - Accidental Melody - "You Think You Know" will be available as a pre-sale track on Spotify Friday, May 5th.


at the GREEN MILL!

Sunday, June 11, 2023: 4 - 6 pm

ACCIDENTAL MELODY is the fourth album Singer and Songwriter JOANIE PALLATTO has recorded with all original music on Southport Records. The album presents 13 original tunes composed by Pallatto with five tracks co-written by her husband BRADLEY PARKER-SPARROW and "You Think You Know" with modern jazz guitar virtuoso FAREED HAQUE. "Accidental Melody" features some of Chicago’s finest musicians, including JOHN CHRISTENSEN (acoustic bass), ERIC HINES (percussion), JUAN PASTOR (cajon and percussion), BRADLEY PARKER-SPARROW (piano), and FAREED HAQUE.

Pallatto and Haque co-produced "Accidental Melody." Pallatto says "I wrote the song 'A Shooting Star' for Fareed, to show my deepest love and respect for his musicality. His perspective and opinions about the arrangements and the flow of the music is always spot on. We have recorded together for the past 30 years. Together, we agreed that the material on this album called for a more intimate feel, so we tracked the songs with mostly acoustic instrumentation. Fareed put together a perfect band, with John, Eric, and Juan, all super musicians that I performed with for the first time.”


Described by Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune as having "a stirring and special voice," Pallatto has been on the Chicago music scene for over 44 years. A studio singer and an independent recording and performing artist, she is also the co-owner with Sparrow of Southport Records, which has produced 100's of recordings for Chicago musicians over the years.

"Every new Joanie album brings more evidence of her growing audacity as a writer, of greater confidence and authenticity. Frankly, there's not enough talk about Joanie's songwriting. There should be parades to celebrate it."

Achy Obejas – writer/author/poet

"Throughout Accidental Melody Joanie’s vocals and songs serve as a kind of security blanket that virtually protects your mind and ego. Key to the songs are the inspiring melodies and arrangements, while her memorable vocals and lyrics seem to melt like butter on the warmth of the music. Some tracks offer emotional solace while Joanie’s lyrics take you to the core of your being."

Robert Silverstein – Roots Music Report 5 Star Review!


Joanie Pallatto's CD Release Concert

at The Green Mill, Sunday, June 11, 2023, 4 - 6 pm

$10 Cover

Joanie Pallatto's Accidental Melody featuring:

Joanie Pallatto, vocals

Fareed Haque, guitar

Sparrow, piano

Clarenda Gaudio Johnson, sign language singer

Emcees: The Jazz Twins from WHPK 88.5FM

Linda Hall and Brenda Phillips

Journey Into Jazz with the Twins, every other Sunday from 2 - 4pm



Clarenda Gaudio Johnson, sign language singer. Clare Johnson began her musical sign language career 45 years ago in Chicago as the sign singer of the band, FOXFIRE, presented by Silent Sounds Inc. She and her band mate, John Magnan, shared their love of music and passion for performing with an audience who, until FOXFIRE, had never been invited to share in the beauty of music. Her range of genres were rock and jazz, most notably signing jazz with Sparrow and Joanie Pallatto. Sign language adds a visual dimension to a song’s lyrics by painting pictures in the air in a hand ballet of sound and sight.

PUBLICITY & MARKETING: Holly Cooper, Mouthpiece Music

RADIO PROMOTIONS: Kate Smith, Kate Smith Promotions

SOCIAL MEDIA & CONSULTATION: Ralph Lampkin, Jr., Lampkin Music Group


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