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2023 May Mailchimp

Joanie and Sparrow welcome our special guest, Sign Language Singer Clarenda Gaudio Johnson. Sign language adds a visual dimension to a song’s lyrics by painting pictures in the air in a hand ballet of sound and sight. Clare’s life long passion is to bring the arts, in all its forms, to the Deaf community of all ages. Photo from 1982 ChicagoFest (W. Klopp)

Joanie Pallatto's Accidental Melody CD Release Party featuring: Joanie Pallatto - vocal Fareed Haque - guitar Bradley Parker-Sparrow - piano Clarenda Gaudio Johnson - Sign Language Singer



10 Albums You Need to Know: May 2023


Joanie Pallatto, Accidental Melody (Southport)

Release date: May 19

“Singer/songwriter Joanie Pallatto, one of Chicago’s leading studio voices for many years, offers a stimulating program of 13 new songs on her new album, Accidental Melody. The recording is performed with an acoustic ensemble with virtuoso guitarist/co-producer Fareed Haque and comes with liner notes from writer/author/poet Achy Obejas.”




May 2, 2023

JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“Joanie Pallatto’s unabashedly romantic post pandemic life-affirming 13th album Accidental Melody makes a dedication to special people, places and concepts dear to her heart for each of the 13 magnificent, lyrically thoughtful and inspiring and often rhythmically exotic tunes… An eclectic set that offers an engaging showcase for the singer’s sultry, inviting vocals.”


May 1, 2023

Bebop Spoken Here (UK) by Ann Alex

“A feast of Latin jazz, original songs sung in a pleasing delicately-toned voice, to skilled accompaniment, including of course the typical Latin percussion. The music and lyrics are mostly the work of our singer with some input from her husband Bradley Parker-Sparrow and also Fareed Haque. The lyrics are philosophical, romantic and quite clever.”


May 1, 2023

Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil

“Joanie’s sense of lyrical stories and poetry weave like silk threads and tie this music together.”

“Fareed Haque’s guitar solo puts the ‘J’ in jazz, while Joanie Pallatto’s voice is a warm alto instrument that is a surprising mix of jazz and folk music.”

“You hear the freedom Pallatto feels when she’s singing, improvising and emotionally sharing her original music with us, her attentive audience.”


April 24, 2023 Cultuurmania (Belgium) by Patrick van de Wiele “Joanie, who comes from a musical family, mixes elements of pop, jazz and Latin. Most enjoyable!”


April 21, 2023

Wild Mercury Rhythm by C. Michael Bailey

“Pallatto shows mastery in a variety of genres: Latin, folk tunes, HotClub, and ballads. Pallatto can always be counted on to produce robust and durable music that is immediately enjoyable.”


March 3, 2023

Roots Music Report 5 STAR REVIEW

by Robert Silverstein

“Joanie’s lyrics take you to the core of your being.”


Joanie Upcoming Radio Interviews! Joe Dimino, Neon Jazz Radio

Wed, May 10, 11am (CST) Karle Robinson "Jazz Afternoon (with KC)" KKFI 90.1

Thursday, May 11 at 2PM (CST) Art Andros

WHERE ARE THEY NOW! With Art and Bobby

Sat, May 13, 10:00 to11:00 AM (Central Time) WCPT-820 AM Chicago Also, on the internet at Listen Live:

Al Carter-Bey "Chicago Jazz Spotlight"

Wed, May 17th from 9 - 10 PM (CST) Val Leventhal, The Val Leventhal Show

Sun, May 21 live every Sunday morning 10-11:45 am central time on Que4 Radio (, itunes and TuneIn Radio (search for que4at air time) and am 1680. Marty Friedman - Musician's Corner, WICN 90.5

Sunday, May 21st. Sunday 8am - 12pm (EST) Brenda Phillips and Linda Hall,"The Jazz Twins" on 88.5 WHPK

Three Sundays: May 14, May 28 and June 11 SUN 2-4 "Journey Into Jazz"

Marsha Noble, TheJazzPacemaker

"Joanie Pallatto, one of Chicago’s phenomenal jazz vocalists who sings her heart out whenever she hits the mic."

(Interview TBA)

Jazz Radio Host/Producer, WWMVLP 95.5 FM



From Southport Records

Real Jazz Made In Chicago

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