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Willie Pickens


"JazzSpirit Volume 2" 

S-SSD 0120

UPC: 700797012025


"JazzSpirit Volume 1" 

S-SSD 0119 

UPC: 700797011929


WILLIE PICKENS - JazzSpirit Volume 1 & Volume 2

Southport pianist/composer and arranger Willie Pickens will release a two volume set, "JazzSpirit," with new arrangements for quartet and duo of religious music, Co-Produced by Hyde Park Union Church with segments taped for two 9' Grand's at U of C's Mandel Hall, featuring Willie with his pianist daughter, Bethany Pickens. Other musicians on the CD's feature Pat Mallinger, Tito Carillo, Ari Brown, Robert Shy, Kobie Watkins, Rob Amster, Larry Gray and Marlene Rosenberg. This collection grew out of a sacred jazz concert series at Hyde Park Union Church, on Chicago's South Side.

A Jazz Christmas

"A Jazz Christmas"

S-SSD 0054

UPC: 700797005621

November 1998


Christmas arrangements from pianist Pickens that BOP and SWING- with Nicholas Payton, Larry Gray & Robert Shy.

It's About Time!

"It's About Time!"

S-SSD 0048 

UPC: 700797004822 

August 1998 

SOUTHPORT re-issue of the famed 1987 album with piano great Pickens, 2 trios and 4 unreleased live bonus tracks! With the late, great Wilbur Campbell on drums…

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