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George Flynn

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"Duo Diorama performs music by George Flynn and Winston Choi"

S-SSD 0149

UPC: 700797014920

August 2020

This CD from the Southport Composers Series includes three works performed by Duo Diorama (violinist MingHuan Xu and pianist Winston Choi). Those works are: George Flynn's "Seeking Serenity," Winston Choi’s "Tetrachromatic Musings" and George Flynn's "Meditative Fantasy." A fourth piece on the CD is George Flynn's piano solo "American Icon," performed by Winston Choi.

Piano Alone

"Piano Alone"

S-SSD 0145

UPC: 700797014524

August 2017


On "piano alone" new music composer and pianist George Flynn performs three piano solos, seeking to extend the limits of gestural, technical and poetic elements - Glimpses of Sid Kleinman (2007) 18:49; Northern Lights (2009) 29:30 and Into the Night (2012) 18:05.
"These three piano solos are all continuous, single-movement works, without obvious traditional sections. Still, in an effort to make the listening experience more clear, I have supplied tracks for each piece, and have attempted to "describe" in a general way - not "analyze" - the music associated with those tracks." - George Flynn "piano alone - The Southport Composers Series (S-SSD 0145)

Poetry and Music

"Poetry and Music"

S-SSD 0144

UPC: 700797014425

July 2016

New Music composer and pianist George Flynn explores song possibilities with a cycle of nine songs using texts by Chicago poets Sally A. Kitt Chappell, Art Lange, Kathleen Lombardo, Nina Corwin, George Drury and D. H. Robinson. Chicago Poets Sing! are dramatic duos for voice and piano, in virtuoso performances by Flynn and soprano Leila Bowie. Plus, American Howl Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (Cory Tiffin, clarinet; Ellen McSweeney, violin; Daniel Klingler, cello; Nolan Pearson, piano; Marc Embree, narrator) of Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl.

American Forms

"American Forms"

S-SSD 0142

UPC: 700797014227

January, 6, 2015


More can be learned from a composer from his or her chamber music versus full orchestral compositions. From the Southport Composers Series, pianist and Composer George Flynn weaves his music through string quartet; piano quartet, solo clarinet and solo viola.

Dual Visions

"Dual Visions"

S-SSD 0140

UPC: 700797014029

May 15, 2014

"Dual Visions" is a collaborative recording from Artistic Producer Kurt Westerberg and Southport Composers Series Executive Producer George Flynn.

George Flynn - Songs of Destruction – Text by George Flynn
George Flynn, piano - Leila Bowie, soprano - Mark Baldin, trumpet
Dramatic duos for voice and piano

Kurt Westerberg - Vision and Prayer – on a Text by Dylan Thomas
DePaul University Ensemble 20+ - Michael Lewanski, conductor - Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano
A setting of Thomas' twelve-verse, shaped poem for solo voice, back-up voices and a 13-piece chamber ensemble.



S-SSD 0139

UPC: 700797013923

December 10, 2013


New Music composer and pianist George Flynn releases a new recording for the Southport Composers Series, with "Remembering." Featured Artists: Heather O'Donnell, piano; Katherine Hughes, violin; Peter Szczepanek, cello; Stuart Leitch, piano; Larry Combs, clarinet; George Flynn, piano.

All the compositions on this disc "remember" scenes and experiences of my earlier years (American Summer, Remembering, Fuguing) as well as composers who influenced me (Remembering, Toward the Light, Fuguing). And one piece (Forms of Flight) "remembers" its source - my longest chamber work, American Rest. Hence the title of this disc. - George Flynn.

String Fever

"String Fever"

S-SSD 0136

UPC: 700797013626

September 11, 2012

New Music composer and pianist George Flynn releases a new recording for the Southport Composers Series, with "String Fever." The three major works are composed for violin & piano ("Together" - Stefan Hersh, violin); viola & piano ("Duo" - Keith Conant, viola); and cello & piano ("Winter Landscape" - Christopher Costanza, cello). George Flynn is pianist on all tracks.

"Of his peers, only Cecil Taylor and Frederic Rzewski have created works which are of an equally impressive scale, as copiously detailed, technically challenging, and passionately expressive..." Art Lange, author and columnist - Point of Departure, "A Fickle Sonance" (2011)

American City

"American City"

S-SSD 0129

UPC: 700797012926

March 17, 2009


George Flynn - "American City" Wind Ensemble, Orchestral and Choral Music by George Flynn American City / The Density of Memory / St. Vincent's Words

The music of George Flynn is no mere stance; his melodies are full of circumstance. George Flynn's compositions have the ability to overwhelm and amaze with intense expression and musical abandon.

Flynn, late in his career as a faculty member at DePaul University in Chicago, made the decision to write a work for each of the major ensembles in the School of Music- the chorus/chamber choir (St. Vincent's Words, 1995), the orchestra (The Density of Memory, 1997) and wind ensemble (American City, 1998). These works are all performed by DePaul University musicians - faculty, students and an alumna, and were recorded in the DePaul University Concert Hall (2006-2007.)



S-SSD 0115

UPC: 700797011523

February 2006


Music For Violin And Piano By George Flynn.

Beyond large orchestral works, many feel that the musical essence of any composer can be found in works for small ensemble. The small ensemble seems to peer into the brain of composition and creativity. "Together" is in essence 3 duets for Violin and Piano that span several years in the life of Chicago new music composer and educator George Flynn.

It also documents his long relationship with Chicago violinist Katherine Hughes. George Flynn is blessed with the ability to not only write for the piano, but also to play and execute his notated concepts. The composer is the pianist in these intimate settings.

"Together" is another release in The Southport Composers Series. This series of sound experiments and compositions documents new classical music from Chicago to a world market. George Flynn plays the 9' Baldwin Concert Grand from Sparrow Sound Design.



S-SSD 5501-2

UPC: 700797550121

January 2000


Chicago Composer/pianist George Flynn launches new series with a double/solo piano epic. Disc 1 is an Atlantic re-release!

Derus Simples

"Derus Simples"

S-SSD 0085

UPC: 700797008523

April 2001

Composer Flynn returns with a solo piano interpretation by master pianist Geoffrey Douglas Madge. A bold new recording from the Southport Composers Series.

Pieces of Night

"Pieces of Night"

S-SSD 0095

UPC: 700797009520

March 2002


The companion set to “American Rest”; this is a live recording with Flynn on the piano, recorded in Preston Bradley Hall in Chicago.

American Rest

"American Rest"

S-SSD 0094

UPC: 700797009421

March 2002

As part of the Southport Composers Series, this release features Flynn’s ode to The Vietnam war via chamber settings, with Larry Combs of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on Clarinet.

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