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Katherine Hughes

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S-SSD 0115

UPC: 700797011523

February 2006


Music For Violin And Piano By George Flynn.
2006 begins with the worldwide release of Chicago composer/pianist/producer George Flynn's new opus "TOGETHER." The 3 Flynn compositions on "Together": 'Til Death, Four Pieces, and Together are all written for violin and piano with Flynn on piano and Katherine Hughes, Violin... The beauty of this recording is that it spans the breath of life's emotions. Flynn's early inspirations come from the American composer Charles Ives.

Violinist Hughes has the rare gift of grasping many forms of string expression, from Classical (George Crumb) to rock (The Painter Band). This recording features the Baldwin 9' SD-10 concert grand at Sparrow Sound Design. This project is part of The Southport Composers Series, an ongoing concept that features the release of new "classical" music from Chicago, to a world market. The associate producer on "Together" is Ken Derus.




UPC # 700797100326

October 1996


Hughes-Violin & Vocals/Trier-Hammered Dulcimer. Modern originals lyrically blend folk & rock forms.

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