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Tatsu Aoki

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"Live in Poland"

S-SSD 0125

UPC: 700797012520

May 27, 2008

Tatsu Aoki and his band, The Miyumi Project, celebrate the collaboration between African- American and Asian-American jazz artists with a multi-generational group fusing Avant Garde jazz with taiko drumming. "The Miyumi Project - Live in Poland" continues the exploration of Asian identity and cultural integration through the sounds of the drum, and marrying traditional and unconventional musical instruments and forms. Recorded Live June 27, 2007 at Malta Festival, Poznan, Poland.



S-SSD 0122

UPC: 700797012223



     Tatsu Aoki's re:ROOTED project is the culmination of a community based project exploring Asian identity and cultural integration through the sounds of the drum, and marrying traditional and unconventional musical instruments and forms."Drumming is an oral tradition, passed up through the ages in many cultures. Tatsu carries on this tradition; a documentarian of life in the big village."-Lauren Deutsch, Executive Director, Jazz Institute of ChicagoFeaturing:Tatsu Aoki, Mwata Bowden, Francis Wong, Jeff Chan, Jonathan Chen, Hide Yoshihashi, Amy Homma, Ryan Toguri, Jason Matsumoto and Kazu Terashima.

Ancient Pines

"Ancient Pines"

S-SSD 0111

UPC: 700797011127

Oct. 4, 2005

     "... A fine new voice on alto . . . loose and swinging and broadly expressive... "Stuart Boomer -- Cadence"... A thinking man's player and composer . . . incorporates different streams of American music . . . and fun... "Owen Cordle -- Jazz TimesIt is a lush world that is the canvas for this series of original new music duos on reed man and composer Tim O'Dell's 2nd Southport opus, "Ancient Pines."  O'Dell is a modern artist that blends his passion for music with performance, composition and education... several ways to pass along his gift of tone and style.The focus of this CD is to blend the art and bas work of Tatsu Aoki, one of the most recorded and written about Chicago based jazz creators, into the open mode of duo creation.  The 12 tracks on this direct to digital recording are like 12 distinct chapters in a fine novel.  The music moves with humor and passion.One thinks of earlier experiments by Lee Konitz and Ornette Coleman, but beyond the historic name dropping there is a new beauty, a new style.  Feel the energy of track 2, "The Drive."  And in the CDs only "trio" excursion, bass trumpet ace Ryan Shultz spots a guest appearance kicking things up a notch, approaching the orchestral.

First Look

"First Look"

S-SSD 0112

UPC: 700797011226

Oct. 4, 2005


"... THE PLEASURE PRINCIPAL IS IN FULLFORCE..." LLOYD SACHS-CHICAGO SUN-TIMES / "WRITER'S BLOCK" WNUR-FMWhen musical worlds collide the energy gained in the universe can be a fine situation. The art and substance of internationally known Roscoe Mitchell (founding member of The Art Ensemble of Chicago) with bassist/producer Tatsu Aoki (Fred Anderson/The Miyumi Project/ Francis Wong/Asian Improv Records) gives Southport Records the concept of "First Look" and a very special duo recording.An exotic army of reeds, flutes, percussion, and toys rides along side the percussive bass of Aoki. In some situations both artists take us on percussion excursions, leaving their melodic instruments by the side of the road, and then scurrying back for them like proud energetic children.The epic, cut 4, "The Journey," lifts with light percussion from a tropical morning. Tatsu sends out a light aggressive groove and Roscoe traces the pulse with his sweet alto work. The Journey is the essence of this Chicago Duo.Southport Records has produced and recorded new music from Chicago to the world for over 25 years. Media, we appreciate your time and energy!

Rooted: Origins of Now

"Rooted: Origins of Now"

 S-SSD 0092

UPC: 700797009223


March 2002

Composer/bassist Tatsu Aoki leads the LARGE Miyumi ensemble with this commissioned composition. Rooted is the first in a series of recordings co-produced by The Jazz Institute of Chicago. Rooted was premiered at the 2001 Chicago Jazz Festival.

The Miyumi Project

"The Miyumi Project"

S-SSD 0078

UPC: 700797007823

May 2000


Aoki returns with Chicago AACM master Bowden in a world percussion summit.



S-SSD 0058

UPC: 700797005829

May 1999

Art Ensemble bass veteran Malachi Favors creates symphonic duets with fellow bassis Tatsu Aoki.

Finally Elijah

"Finally Elijah"

S-SSD 0051

UPC: 700797005126

August 1998


R&B, jazz and blues singer Elijah Levi’s long awaited debut, once with the Ink Spots, Tatsu Aoki/bass.

Urban Reception

"Urban Reception"

S-SSD 0039

UPC: 700797003924

September 1996

Bassist Tatsu Aoki, reed man Francis Wong & drummer Dave Pavkovic form new trio sound images without restrictions.



S-SSD 0035

UPC: 700797003528

May 1996


Tenor legend Von Freeman + Tatsu Aoki-Sparrow-Mike Raynor & Joanie Pallatto-bold new group creations!

If It Wasn't For Paul

"If It Wasn't For Paul"

S-SSD 0034

UPC: 700797003429

June 1995

Bassist Aoki & pianist Sparrow explore music with improvised duets (+”out” vocals from Joanie Pallatto).

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