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Fred Anderson

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"Black Horn Long Gone"

S-SSD 0128

UPC: 700797012827

January 12, 2010

"Fred Anderson works hard.  He works hard in his life, and works hard to play his horn.  He is on a life mission."

- Joanie Pallatto - Partner, Southport Records


Fred Anderson is a Chicago original.  His tenor saxophone sounds like a mighty warrior - the sound clear, focused and strong.  His recorded output is continually evolving.  Anderson notes that he has always felt that this recording is important for his discography.  This notable recording features both the late Malachi Favors Maghostut on acoustic bass, and Ajaramu (AJ Shelton) on drums.  "Black Horn Long Gone" was recorded at Sparrow Sound Design Recording Studio, Chicago, Illinois - January 1993 - A Direct-to Digital Recording.


All compositions and improvisations by Fred Anderson © Many Weathers Pub. Co. BMI

Fred - Chicago Chambr

"Fred - Chicago Chamber Music"

S-SSD 0043

  UPC: 700797004327

  July 1997


Improvisations that stand as compositions from these stellar musicians.

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