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Bruce Bendinger

Official Artist Website:

S-SSD 0118.jpg

"Can't Sing. Don't Care. Songs from the hip."

S-SSD 0118

UPC: 700797011820


Bruce Bendinger - Chicago's creative ad genius, puts his unique musical observations onto a CD that features surprising production and great performances from some of Chicago's top studio players.

Who is this guy? Studs Terkel called him "the vunderkind." Interviews with Bruce are featured in three of his books. Bruce writes and publishes books used in universities. He was the creative director for a President of the USA. He helped Apple Computer develop a strategy system. He produced Popeyes jingles with Dr. John, the Neville Brothers, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. Cool stuff.

On "Can't Sing. Don't Care" you'll hear "songs from the hip." They cover life, love, and politics, "like a martini with an ironic twist." We like Bruce. We love his music. Great lyrics. He makes us laugh.

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