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1977 – 2017:  40 Years of Music and Recording!
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LIVE EVENTS – CHICAGO – NEW YORK – CHICAGO! (scroll down for details)
Chicago Jazz Festival – 40 Years of Sparrow 8/31/17
Noctambulo at Pangea, New York – Southport 40th Celebration 10/23/17
A Musical Celebration of Jazz Legend Bob Dorough!
Green Mill Jazz Club, Chicago – Southport 40th + CD Release 11/5/17

Joanie & Sparrow “Float Out To Sea”
George Flynn “Piano Alone”

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Commentary by b.p. sparrow:

As If They Had, Another Hand.
They move thru the streets in serious motion.  Left handed, right handed.  Past rainy days into black puddles and broken streets that are never repaired.  Hand pointing with true distinction.  Face in constant form.  Men, women and children.

In lavish restaurants without live music, TV sets on.  Men, women, children.   Dogs and small children see it.  The night and dead of the living, smart phone.  Ear buds in to block the noise called "conversation" as if, they had another hand.

Push the flat screen.  Talk, in isolation with ear buds.  As if they had another hand.

The modern smart phone is an amazing tool.  In the olden days Dick Tracy had a two-way wrist radio in the days before cell phones, and Batman had his handy flashing red Batphone...  In earlier times we could find a pay phone that took a dime, lost in the middle of some highway rest area, or an actual "phone booth" that had that certain urban funky smell.

Today our arms are locked in "smart phone position" so that as we age and get into our 80's the arc of our bones will look like cell phone positions from 30 years before, like a nervous tick.

In my youth we had stereo systems in the family or living room, with giant speakers and amps.  Friends would stop by for a beer to have a listening party, to hear the new Four Tops record.  “Oh man dig the bass from that 15" woofer.”

Today the world enjoys art alone, locked in the digital void of one chord music.  There is no conversation between humans.  Most people are late to meetings, so they send a text like "running late."  The master tool of communication, the smart phone, has made us all more isolated.  We can no longer form sentences in public.  We hide behind the device.

Pedestrians crossing streets with phones.  People texting while driving.
Let's make the world great again, and put down that phone and have an actual conversation.

Now that we are in the "small" hands of Donald Trump we can count on him never doing anything.  Health care a big O.  The great wall of trump O.  All things that were easy are now hard, yet he has played more golf games on the weekend in the last 6 months than Obama did in the last 2 years?  Is the one good thing about Trump, that he speaks his mind?

An analogy for American health insurance would be a large Vegas casino.  If I have insurance I will bet you that I will get sick, at $1000 a month.  If I don't have insurance I will bet you that I will not get sick, pay a $500 a year penalty and roll the dice.

The beauty of Obamacare is that anyone could purchase insurance.  The fact that pre-existing conditions could not be covered before is a modern tragedy.

So I introduce Sparrowcare.  All federal/Military/Postal employees are in the pool.  That might be 20 million people.  That is a deep pool.  When normal people want insurance they check off a box on their federal taxes and their fee is based on their income and number of members in their family.

The VA hospitals are expanded and can be used by anyone.  Non-for-profit hospitals are a backup to the VA.  Private hospitals can be used with a published price list for what they offer.

We start a World Medication Market, that like OPEC sets the price of drugs for the world, not the company.

After the age of 60 there is no charge for anything.  Now roll the dice and pray.


We are paying millions of dollars to replace aging water pipes, some of them are still made out of "wood."  The mixed metal of the water mains can contain lead.  Lead is not good.  With all of this work they are not replacing the water lines that go from the water main to the buildings, that by Plumbers Union and law are lead.  So the main is good, but then stirs up the lead that leads to the buildings (many).  These lead connections go underneath the sidewalk and into the structure.  Why?

How about a tax each time a politician gives a speech?  If there is fried chicken served at the forum, the tax will be 5 cents per chicken wing.  If corporations make donations within a chicken dinner that also serves German potato salad the tax increases to 6 cents per wing with German potato salad and 30% of the Corporate donations goes to the Sparrowcare emergency fund.

Ever wonder why there are less local music rooms?  Summer Musical Fest contamination.
Club owners might as well open up a legal marijuana store in the summer months to pay all the bills.  They suffer and the artists suffer since most of the bands are rich already, or bad cover bands, or worse yet DJs- DJs are the carp of the live music bottom feeders that borrow existing ideas.



LIVE EVENTS – CHICAGO – NEW YORK – CHICAGO! (scroll down for details)

Chicago Jazz Festival – 40 Years of Sparrow 8/31/17
Noctambulo at Pangea, New York – Southport 40th Celebration 10/23/17
A Musical Celebration of Jazz Legend Bob Dorough!
Green Mill Jazz Club, Chicago – Southport 40th + CD Release 11/5/17

"Joanie and Sparrow have elevated what they do together splendidly.  They're uniquely entertaining Chicago artists."
– Howard Mandel


Chicago Jazz Festival – Chicago Cultural Center, Randolph Square
8/31/17, 3:00 – 4:00 pm – FREE!
"Southport Records Celebrates 40 Years of Sparrow"
Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Joanie Pallatto and The Machine Band

"Southport Records Celebrates 40 Years of Sparrow" at the 39th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival.  With Bradley Parker-Sparrow, pianist/composer; Joanie Pallatto, vocalist/composer; John Devlin, bass and Luiz Ewerling, drums.  Special Southport Records guest artists will be Dave Gordon, pianist/composer and Marshall Vente, pianist/composer.

Chicago Jazz Fest 2017 kicks off with the Jazz Village, featuring Chicago’s jazz community including some of the city’s vibrant record labels, advocacy organizations and live jazz presenters sharing information about the rich diversity of music in the Chicagoland area.  Produced by the Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events | Programmed by the Jazz Institute of Chicago.
Chicago Cultural Center, Randolph Square
78 E. Washington St., Chicago, IL  60602

The summer of 1977 was hot.  I was 23 years old and started work on my first LP,
Latin Black.  We worked in the first Sparrow studio called "The Pit", the lower level of an old coach house just north of Cabrini Green.  We tracked the project on the TEAC 3440 1/4" 4 track and used a BiAmp 1282 mixer with my longtime friend and producer, Michael Humphreys.  40 years later we have over 146 projects in print.  Time is music, and music is time.  Southport Records thanks the Jazz Institute of Chicago and the City of Chicago for hosting this musical tribute to the history of Southport Records and Sparrow... to the next 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– sparrow


Noctambulo at Pangea – 178 2nd Ave, New York, NY
Monday, October 23rd, 2017 – 7:00pm
Lampkin Music Group and Christopher Gines/Noctambulo @ Pangea presents
A Musical Celebration of Jazz Legend Bob Dorough!
Part of the Southport 40th Anniversary Celebration in NYC and Chicago
Plus a CD Party for Joanie & Sparrow’s new CD “Float Out to Sea”
One Show Only!
Joanie Pallatto, vocalist-composer
Bradley Parker-Sparrow, pianist-composer
with Jazz Vocalist Martha Lorin, Broadway’s Bill Nolte,
Cabaret Vocalist Christiana Moffa and Pianist Deanna Witkowski


"A Musical Celebration of Jazz Legend Bob Dorough" will feature our entire “cast” performing their favorite “Bob Song” – in addition to other musical selections of jazz, cabaret and originals. A Bob Dorough tribute!

Presented by Ralph Lampkin and Christopher Gines!

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Green Mill Jazz Club – 4802 N. Broadway, Chicago
Sunday, November 5th, 2017   2:00 – 5:00, $10
Southport Records 40th Anniversary Continues!
Plus – Joanie & Sparrow CD Release Party “Float Out To Sea”
with Howard Mandel, Master of Ceremonies!

Celebrate at the historic Green Mill on a Sunday afternoon with Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Joanie Pallatto and The Machine Band: John Devlin, bass and Luiz Ewerling, drums – and special Southport Guests including Chicago jazz piano legend Willie Pickens, new music pianist-composer George Flynn, jazz vocalist Martha Lorin, TV POW and more tba!

Green Mill Jazz Club
4802 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640  773-878-5552


Southport Records celebrates the documentation of recording Chicago artists for the past thirty-nine years!
Sparrow Sound Design (1977 - 2017)

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