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"Float Out to Sea"     


UPC: 700797014722

October 2017
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Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Joanie Pallatto & The Machine Band – Alternative Jazz!
Yes we still do "albums" at Southport. Joanie and I (Sparrow) have, because of strong demand, teamed up to do another one.... "Float Out to Sea." Songs are like short stories shared with band members and the audience. "Float" features John Devlin on bass and guitars, Luiz Ewerling, drums and percussion with special guests Bobby Lewis, trumpet and Janice Misurell-Mitchell, alto flute.
All tracks were recorded at the secret 2nd story studio on Southport with engineer ace Todd Carter, and we continue to do overdubs and mixing, like back in 1979 for "Latin Black" on the old TEAC 4 track, only now it’s computer tracking- with yummy vintage tube microphones. These days with digital there are too many tracks and less places to play live un-digital music.

  "Two Again"

  S-SSD 0141

  UPC: 700797014128

  January 6, 2015

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Vocalist Pallatto and Pianist Vente team up again, with more fresh arrangements of great tunes, including “Help!,” “By The Time I Get To Phoenix,” Walk On By,” and “Charade.” Liner notes by our hip friend (and Southport Lounge Artist) Bruce Bendinger. All tracks were recorded at Sparrow Sound Design on the 9' Baldwin Concert Grand with tube mics.



S-SSD 0137     

UPC: 700797013725     


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But what is the song about?  Is it a love song, or song about the condition of our society?  "Days with Joanie & Sparrow" is a life collaboration of original songs - with the rhythm section of Luiz Ewerling, drums and Kurt Schweitz, bass along with featured artists Bobby Lewis, Pat Mallinger, George Freeman, John Devlin, David Onderdonk, Alejo Poveda, Steve Gibons, Eldee Young and Redd Holt.  Design by Al Brandtner.

  "As You Spend Your Life"

  S-SSD 0133

  UPC: 700797013329

  February 2011

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A look into the heart, home and essence of Chicago singer-songwriter Joanie Pallatto.  This recording is an evolution of all of her life's passions, creating new songs that identify her unique and modern vision.  These are "Pop Songs with a Jazz Sensibility."

Pallatto has enlisted her usual cohorts, musicians that raise the bar in any recording project.  You'll hear guitar giant Fareed Haque, harmonica master and pianist Howard Levy, and a special feature with jazz legend, pianist and singer Bob Dorough on the great Frank Foster tune, "Simone" - (with new lyrics by Pallatto.)  You'll also hear Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Dave Onderdonk, Eric Hochberg, Michael Raynor, Alex Austin, Greg Fundis, Jason Smart and Larry Gray, along with vocalists April Aloisio, Nanette Frank, Diane Madison, and Teresa Davis!



"It's Not Easy"     

S-SSD 0124     

UPC: 700797012421     

January 2008     

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"It's Not Easy" contains 10 original songs by vocalist/composer/lyricist Joanie Pallatto. The fine musicians on "It's Not Easy" are: John Devlin, Fareed Haque, Eric Hochberg, Howard Levy, john E. Magnan, Bradley Parker-Sparrow, Alejo Poveda, Michael Raynor, Eldee Young and Magic the Dog. Produced by Bradley-Parker Sparrow. Design by Al Brandtner.

  "Shut Eye"

  S-SSD 0123

  UPC: 700797012322


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Bradley Parker-Sparrow - "Shut Eye"
(the composer's variations)
featuring Joanie Pallatto & Bobby Lewis
with excerpts from "Shut Eye" - a John Covert Film

Pianist/composer Bradley Parker-Sparrow explores a new theme for a film by director John Covert, "Shut Eye." The music is cinematic in scope, following the sinister moods of characters within the film, featuring vocalist Joanie Pallatto, the flugelhorn of Bobby Lewis, vocalist April Aloisio, john E. Magnan, bass and Alejo Poveda, drums. Meshing the concert grand piano with keyboard work and samples, Sparrow presents his dramatic, thematic statements. Much of Pallatto’s work features wordless vocals, portraying the moods and characters imagined onscreen, including a breathy duet with Lewis on the sexy track, “Wet.” The director says of the film: "A Shut-Eye is what magicians call one of their own who gets so good that he begins to believe in his own magic and forget that it's just a trick."




 "The Light" a tone poem    


S-SSD 0109    

UPC: 700797010922    

December 2004 

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Rick Kogan of WGN Radio (AM 720) says this about “The Light”:
“…that’s a little more “out there,” as we used to say… it’s a remarkable piece of work, though… from Bradley Parker-Sparrow, one of the great songwriters and performers in town.

Bradley Parker-Sparrow, pianist and composer, recently released Southport Records CD 109, “The Light, a tone poem” featuring vocalist and composer Joanie Pallatto. As partners of Sparrow Sound Design Recording Studio and Southport Records, Joanie & Sparrow are celebrating 20 years on Southport Avenue this October!

    "Canned Beer"

    S-SSD 0098

    UPC: 700797009827

    May 2003

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Joanie Pallatto/Sparrow and the Machine Band will play compositions from their soon to be released Southport Records CD “Canned Beer.” With John E. Magnan on electric bass, and Alejo Poveda on drums, composer-pianist Sparrow with composer/vocalist Pallatto offer modern musical interpretations of popular/dance/hip-hop/cabaret and world music forms. With the Corporate Control of modern radio and media by consolidation and advance monopolies this CD and band is an attack of the closed system of not only radio, but live and concert music. This will be the 98th album project released on the independent Southport Records, Chicago.


"We Are Not Machines"    

S-SSD 0093    

UPC: 700797009322    

December 2001    

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Southport founders Sparrow and Pallatto offer new musical experiments that cross forms.  This project is also the score for a John Covert feature film called “Watch”.

     "The King And I"

      S-SSD 0084

      UPC: 700797008424

      October 2000

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Vocalist/lyricist Pallatto teams with pianist/composer Fleming on a classic new release with 10 originals +Von Freeman, Bobby Lewis and Rich Fudoli!

    "Words & Music"    

    S-SSD 0067    

    UPC: 700797006727    

    August 1999

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Vocalist Joanie returns with her 5th release, including “Baltimore Oriole” and many Southport veterans in the band including Eldee Young, Alejo Poveda, Lou Gregory and more!



   S-SSD 0046    

   UPC: 700797004624    

   September 1997    

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Joanie interprets songs from the world song book of great pop and classic standards with Vente on the 9’ Baldwin Grand.


S-SSD 0035    

    UPC: 700797003528    

    May 1996    

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Tenor legend Von Freeman + Tatsu Aoki-Sparrow-Mike Raynor & Joanie Pallatto-bold new group creations!


   "Passing Tones"

   S-SSD 0032    

   UPC: 700797003221    

   June 1995    

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Swinging jazz vocals with Von Freeman, Willie Pickens, Robert Shy, John Whitfield, Sparrow & more!!!

    "Who Wrote This Song"    

    S-SSD 0021    

    UPC: 700797002125    

    December 1993    

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With jazz legend Bob Dorough, Joanie sings- with Fareed Haque, Howard Levy & Sparrow, too!


   "Whisper Not"

   S-SSD 0007     



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