Famoudou Don Moye

    "A Symphony of Cities"

    S-SSD 0096

    UPC: 700797009629

    March 2002

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Experimental sound studies from The Art Ensemble of Chicago percussion giant Don Moye and Chicago bass man Tatsu Aoki, with Francis Wong and Joel Brandon.


"Calypso's Smile"    

S-SSD 3008    

UPC: 700797300825    

November 1998    

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Katalyst Re-Issue Series from 1992 sessions—a LUSH creation...

    "Jam For Your Life"

    S-SSD 3007

    UPC: 700797300726

    July 1997

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Great AECO re-issue w/Ari Brown, Billy Brimfield, and the late great Luba Raashiek & the late Kenny Prince on piano.


"Afrikan Song"    

S-SSD 3009    

UPC: 700797300924    

September 1996    

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Great Black Music! Sun Percussion Summit w/ Mamane Samake & Naby Camara

Real Jazz Made In Chicago