Dave Gordon


     "FAUX REAL"    

     S-SSD 0099    

     UPC: 700797009926    

     May 2003    

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Pianist/composer/producer and engineer Dave Gordon is a veteran Southport Records artist with the release of “Faux Real,” his fourth opus as a leader. Gordon’s music is a mirror to the evolution of modern jazz, electronic/pop/fusion and original contemporary sound. His music has evolved from roots firmly imbedded in the soul-tinged work of Bobby Timmons and Herbie Hancock, yet ever evolving, like a newly spawned breed of exotic Chicago plant.


    S-SSD 0029    

    UPC: 700797002927    

    April 1995    

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Pianist-composer Gordon’s critically-acclaimed direct to digital ensemble creation of original music.

Official Artist Website - http://www.davegordonmusic.com

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